Love At Home Recording Session

We recently had lots of fun recording the choral version of Love At Home, an adaptation of a favorite LDS hymn for which Lisa has written new music. We got together with friends from our stake to record the vocal parts of the song. Here are some photos from our "home studio", which we call Free Flight Music.
For this recording, Brent Christensen sang the tenor part, Gayvin Stong sang the bass part, Trisha Snow and Kathy Diamond sang alto, and Jennifer Hansen sang Soprano. Gayvin also took some of these pictures for us since I was busy at the mixer! Julia Anderson played the Oboe part at a later session. You can download the audio for this recording here, or from the music list.

Lisa at the piano

      Jennifer and Kathy in the "control room"


Brent and Gayvin

Trisha, Jennifer, and Kathy


Ed at the mixer

Julia Anderson playing the Oboe

We are grateful to our friends for sharing their talents with us in this effort, and our prayer is that this music will remind those that hear it, or perform it, of the joy found in a happy family.

Ed Powell