How Gentle God's Commands
Recording Session

Several friends from our church got together to record on April 29, 2018 in our "upgraded" home studio which we call Free Flight Music.
For this recording, Gayvin Stong and David Lee sang the bass part, Will Taylor sang tenor, Ashlyn Walton, Barbara Hickman, Cela Windsor, Camille Parker, Saundra Luchs, and Adriane Robinson sang alto, Susanna Lee, Chandra Hitz, and Sadie Walton sang soprano. Our choir director was Cherri Thompson, and Lisa Powell was on Piano. You can download the audio for this recording here, or from the music list.

Lisa at the piano

      Camille, Cela, Ashlyn, Barbara, Adriane, Susanna, Chandra, and Sadie

Gayvin, David, and Will

Saundra, Camille, Cela, and Ashlyn


Barbara, Adriane, Susanna, Chandra, and Sadie

Cherri Thompson, Director

We are grateful to our friends for sharing their talents with us in this effort.

Ed Powell